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Danny Peraic 


Back in 1993 I started working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. My passion has always been to enhance and prolong human life with life saving medicines.

For many years the company I worked for were at the forefront of discovering, manufacturing and delivering innovative medicines which won awards for the most effective medicines with the least side effects on the market.
But back in 2006, I began to change my personal view about how conventional medicines were used and abused and wrongly diagnosed. My interest and mindset for mainstream healthcare was about to change forever.

Throughout my personal experiences, I started to move towards a natural approach to health and well being. I began trying natural therapies to encourage the body to perform the rest of the healing by itself. It was from this point on that I began to seek answers on how to improve health holistically and naturally through the manipulation of treating Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments.

It’s satisfying to know that nowadays, after many years of schooling and clinical experience, I can provide healing using a number of massage and other therapy techniques relying on a lot less on conventional medicines for pain and healing. Muscleze Therapies was born.

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Latest news

Our clinic continues to operate under a Covid safe approach in Metro Melbourne. Masks are to be worn and scan into clinic upon arrival. As we have been a semi-essential service since the pandemic began, we continue to practice COVID hygiene protocols for your health and safety. If you are feeling unwell with cold and … Continue reading Latest news


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          $85 1 hour remedial massage $55 Cupping, Dry Needling or Rocktape Drop us an E-MAIL or BOOK yourself in today.

The Fine Print

Don’t get caught out. Please view our terms and conditions: Cancellations less than 24 hours made on the client’s behalf prior to treatment will attract a full fee of the total cost. Unless there are reasonable circumstances i.e.; emergencies, cold, flu or sudden illness. A no show will attract a full fee of the treatment cost … Continue reading The Fine Print