Why stretching is so important.


These days we seem to think that stretching is a waste of our time and we seem to not have time to look after our No.1 Asset US or ME.

When was the last time you got out of bed and gave yourself a decent stretch and or raised the hands up the ceiling and yawn before hoping into your day of activities?

Can you even remember?

Or those of you who do this have you stretched properly?

Even when we are going on throughout the day at work or at home and do we actually stop and think,  I need time out and stretch in front of the computer or hop off the forklift or step out of the car to do some decent 2-3 min (minimal) stretching?

I bet you more than %80 of you don’t!!!!.

As stretching and self-maintenance becomes less and less and we spend more time on useless social media, we are heading into what we call, endless episodes of permanent muscle tension, headaches, tight knots, stiff joints, less blood flow and surf board like bodies.

On the contrary our bodies have a very clever adaption skills and readjusting techniques which will be less sensitive to pain and discomfort.

This does not mean to say that the pain and troubles are gone so the body is now in a much dire situation its only now that we are in more trouble with our muscles, joints, tendons, ligament then we originally were!!!!. Compensation comes into play and joints are tighter which could mean the start to Arthritis and de-generative complaints.