Massage can relieve and improve the following symptoms:

• Pain reduction
• Increase circulation
• Weight loss
• Induce relaxation
• Stimulate the healing process of common sport, work injuries
• Improve sleep
• Improve joint range of motion
• Reduce stress, anxiety, depression
• Enhance immune system
• Relieve constipation
• Relieve tension headaches
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Reduce oedema
• Increase metabolism
• Increase muscle tone
• Correct posture

We will give you a thorough assessment and choose the right treatment for the best outcome. Be rest assured you are in good hands.

Available Therapies:

Sports Massage                                                    Young man having a massage

Personal Training, Recreational sports, Running, Swimming and even work can take a toll on your body both Physically and Emotionally. Sports massage will encourage a faster recovery from wear and tear of the body and have you back into your activities in no time. Generally techniques in Sports massage is quite rigorous and involves some movement of Myofascial, ligament manipulation, stretching with the practitioner and joint mobilisation.


Remedial Massage

Massage photo
Remedial Massage may include Trigger Point Therapy, muscle stretching and gliding are some of the techniques used. Remedial is aimed at focusing on taut band of muscles, ligament and tendon strains and injuries. Common problems include- overused muscles, which may in turn cause pain, resulting in injury and compensation of other nearby muscle groups.


Dry Needling

Dry-Needling_high resAn almost painless and quick insertion of very thin hair like sterile needles. Used to treat trigger points and help with those hard to treat muscles areas. Patients notice a sense of release and relief with Dry Needling.

Rock tape sports taping

kinesio-rocktape-kc-lgRocktape_LOGOUsed by professional athletes, this method decompresses tissue below the skin to help increase blood and lymphatic flow as well as sensory receptors in taped areas improving movement and body awareness.

Myofascial: Cupping (No flame)

cupping 2.jpegUsing a negative pressure inside cups. Cupping is set to ease myofascial pain (The elastic coating that encases each muscle group). Cupping also draws up any toxins that are trapped beneath the skin. Great for general well being and de-toxing.

Relaxation massage

Young man having a massageA light to medium rhythmic massage.
This type of massage relieves stress and nervous tension both physically and mentally. It normalises your blood pressure and can aid in restoring sleep and reduce insomnia. Massage is believed to introduce serotonin, a natural feel good chemical that is released from the brain.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic DrainageThe lymphatic system is the front line in our bodies, ability to fight disease and infection. It is also involved in detoxifying the body ( like our own waste disposal unit) and transporting metabolic waste, excess fluid, toxins and bacteria out of the body. Perfect treatment for removing daily stresses, fatigue, emotional shock and chemical overloading.


We provide a range of products to assist with after massage recovery. These can be purchased at the clinic or online including a postage fee. Rowo Gel: Made from all natural ingredients including the healing benefits of Arnica. Rowo sports gel is perfect for spasms, achy muscles before and after sport use. Also beneficial for … Continue reading Products